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Healling Gems

Healing with Crystals, has its origin in the oldest cultures and its foundations are based on thousands of years of practical experience. Wearing Jewels or Amulets with natural stones and a noble metal, is one of the oldest and easiest ways to access the healing power of Gems or Quartz Crystals. Each crystal vibrates in a unique frequency. It has an internal structure capable of interacting with the biomagnetic field of your body and at the cellular level. By absorbing, transforming and dissipating the negative energies, the crystals return the balance to the body and instill a feeling of general well-being. If you choose to give a jewel with authentic gems, remember that you can program it in a very simple way, so that it radiates light, balance and well-being. All gems have a healing potential, it is important to choose the appropriate one to get the maximum benefit. If there is a stone that intuitively attracts you (tune in to its subtle vibrations), you can try it first.

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